How it Works

How it Works

Learn about our website backup service...

Our system will automatically login to your site via FTP and download and backup all files. Then with your provided MySQL login details our system will do a SQL dump of your tables. From your account you will be able to view a log of your current backups also you will see when a CD has been put into the mail for you.

Monthly Backup to CD


Each month this backup gets burned onto a CD and mail out to you. You can set where we wish your CD to be mailed to within your account. Your CD will arrive in a self sealed envelop to ensure it arives unopened.

Weekly Backup to Cloud

the cloud

Weekly our system will preform a back of your website and database. This backup will be placed in the cloud. Your data will be stored in a secure cloud envirnment. We will retain a backup of your site for 3 weeks. This means you will have access to the past 3 weeks of backups. You can set the time/date when your weekly site backups take place.

One Click Restore


With one click you can easily restore your website and/or database. From your account you can select which week's backup to restore (only weekly cloud backups can be restored with one click restore feature). Our system will begin restoring your backup with this feature and let you know once it's finished.



Websites which are PHP & MySQL based can untilize our full services. Non PHP based sites or those with lower than PHP 4+ install can only have their website's file and folders backed. In order to utilize the MySQL database backup feature you must have PHP 4+ installed on your server. This is required becuase it gives us access to your database without you having to go through the setup of allowing our remote server to access your database.

Cost and pricing

$16 per month.
Includes your site automatically backed up each week and a CD sent to you each month.