Monthly Backup to CD
Receive a CD backup via
snail mail monthly

the cloud

Weekly Backup to Cloud
Site & database backed up to cloud weekly


One Click Restore
Easy one click restore
site and/or database


Automatically backs up
sites using PHP & MySQL

Automatic Website Backups

Never lose your site again with our automated website backup service!

SiteKeeper provides automated website back up to the cloud weekly and sends you a CD monthly with your website and database contained on it. Easily download backups from the cloud and/or restore backups with one click. Works with PHP and MySQL websites. Includes backup of MySQL database.

Each month you'll receive a CD with your website and database contained on it. We'll backup your website and burn it to a CD then place it in a self sealing mailer and send it out to you.

Weekly backup of your website and database will be made to the cloud. Plus we retain a backup of your site from past 3 weeks in the cloud, just in case you need a prior week's backup.

Cost and pricing

$16 per month.
Includes your site automatically backed up each week and a CD sent to you each month.